What Makes Restaurants Bad!

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Your lovely trip with your soul mate can be turned into a nightmare if you end up eating at a bad restaurant. The long trips can tire you and you may want to brew a cup of coffee to to relax your tensed muscles. The moment you step in a restaurant a sense of relaxation and leisure runs down through your vein, but the same restaurant that look classy fromy outside can be really bad in terms of food and services. You can figure out if restaurant is good or bad by closely reading it. Here is a short and quick tips to find out if you have entered a wrong restaurant:

Top Tips To Know Your Restaurant

  1. Messy Interior: The property that looks classy from outside but messy from inside is for sure not the right place for you to sit and dine. A restaurant with dingy interior are better to be left immediately. There is least hope of getting hygienic food and great service as such restaurant.
  2. Unprofessional Staff: Staff serving in a restaurant should be professional or at least trained. If you come across staff with poor speaking and greeting skills don’t waste your time there and escape from the side doors as soonest as possible. Unprofessional staff can misbehave and mar your enjoyment.
  3. Inattentive Waiter: As you enter a restaurant, you should be immediately attended by a waiter. If it is taking long for a waiter to reach your table, you should know that you have entered a bad restaurant.  A restaurant that fails to offer an attentive waiter has bleak chances of serving you a great service. So, don’t waste your time and move on to find out the next great restaurant.
  4. Stinky Washroom: You don’t have to enter a washroom to know whether it is in a good condition. The stink coming from a washroom is one single sign of the terrible thing that you may get to see  inside. A good restaurant will have a clean washroom that don’t stink. So, if you want to know whether the restaurant is worth your money, spend some time in their washroom.
  5. Unclean Cutlery: The moment you sit on the table and look around whats on the table. If you find out dirt or stains on the cutlery beware of the unhygienic food that you may be served.
  6. Unfiltered Drinking Water: Most of the stomach diseases are water born. Therefore, you are always advised to drink filtered water. Some restaurant offer unfiltered drinking water to their guest. If you are being served unfiltered water, ask them to provide you a bottle of filtered water. In case they don’t have filtered water battle simply walk out of the restaurant.

These are some six tips to help you know if you have entered the right restaurant before ordering a meal. A traveler has to take care of what he/she eats. A slightest carelessness in your food choices can make you sick and worsen your travel experience. be careful of the place you choose to dine at and make sure you always consume healthy food for a good health through the traveling.


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