Top Tips to Enhance Road Trips Experience in India

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Driving on the Indian roads can be an adventuresome. India is home to some of the bad or even worst roads in the world. The country, no doubt is a fastest developing country and has a gigantic road network. The condition of the roads is not really praise worthy. But, still if you are adventure lover and want to experience the real India on the roads here is some quick tips to enhance your road trips experience.

A Checklist for an Enjoyable Road Trip in India:

  1. SUV vs Ordinary Vehicle: Indian roads are notoriously famous for bumpy rides. Planing for a road in India you will have to consider the damaged roads that you may come across as you move from one state to another. India has some of the most damaged roads. The national highways in facts are not really in great condition. The bumpy rides can cause you serious body ache and dampen your morale to go any further. Hiring a SUV, however, can help you be at ease on these bumpy roads. But, if you choose to travel by an ordinary vehicle you may end up with a backache and headache.
  2. Map Out the Route: India is a huge land and it has gigantic road network. There are several roads taking to one places. So, there are high chances of you getting lost in the maze of the roads. To prevent such awkward situation it is better to map out the route to your destination before embarking on the journey. If you new to India and have no idea about routes use GPS for a safe and secure travelling. Using the GPS you can also know the bottleneck roads and ditch them where ever possible.
  3. You Need Cash As Well: You may use plastic money for all transactions, but in India you may not find ATMs everywhere. In fact, there are many shops and eating outlets that don’t accept the cards. This is actually applicable for local dealers. So, if you want to enjoy the local life of a cite or state you will have to keep cash with you. But, don’t overload your pockets with money. Keep a certain portion of the money.
  4. Permits and License: In India travelling by road comes with certain security check. The Indian authority has some strict rules laid for road travelers. Make sure you carry all the essential documents such as driving license, tourism/travel permit if you are travelling by a cab and ID cards.
  5. Safety and Security: Indian roads are not really safe at night. If you ever plan to drive at night have certain rules set for yourself and your companion such as no stopping for strangers, no stopping at awkward places, having complete information of the place you are about to visit.

Travelling is fun but sensible travelling adds to the fun. Indian road trips have allot to offer from great sightseeing to long routes. You can enjoy the road trips in India with a few security checks in mind.

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